DS-KD8003-IME1(EuropeBV) Intercom, 2nd Gen IP Intercom, Module door station

Main unit , needs accessories. CMOS 2MP HD Colorful Camera,
180°Fish eye, 1 Call Button, 1-ch Indoor station access, 2 relays for door lock control
IR Supplement , 10M/100M Self-adaptive Ethernet, module connection with RS-485 , 4-ch alarm input
IP65, 12 VDC or standard POE 98 mm à 99.8 mm à 43.9 mm (3.86" à 3.93" à 1.73")
if you lose the master card ,place ZTA order with this sap code 305700345  DS-KD3/8/9ç³»åæ¯å¡ and mark the SN code of the door station